What uses and effects does creatine have?

It is one of the most used supplements by athletes, mainly those strength activities, because creatine allows the development of muscles.

The Creatine is an organic acid found in muscle, although it can also be synthesized, so it can be found for sale in the form of cream, capsules, powders, and presentations. Creatine is one of the most popular supplements and used by athletes, mainly those strength activities, such as free weights or wrestling, this is because creatine allows a better development of muscles.

creatine effects

Creatine when used correctly, that is, in adequate doses and time, does not cause damage to the kidneys in healthy people. The consumption of creatine should not be continuous or in high doses, on the other hand, when the intake of creatine is greater than the maximum that the muscle can accumulate, its synthesis (by the body) is reduced and creatine ingested more It is excreted in the urine.

The creatine supplementation well used can then enable you to get better results in terms of training, some of the points where the effects are most relevant are:

  • Strength : In some studies an improvement in strength was found as a result of the supplement.
  • Hypertrophy : Many studies indicate an increase in muscle mass, this of course also doing training routines. Creatine alone or for a short period does not lead to great results.
  • Water retention : In fact, the administration of supplements leads to an increase in the volume of body water and it is believed that this mechanism facilitates the increase of muscle mass, since 75% of the muscle is composed of water.
  • Training : It seems that supplementation with creatine facilitates an increase in the volume of training, which can facilitate the increase of lean mass.
  • Fatigue : It is worth clarifying this detail, the supplementation with creatine does not seem to have significant effects on the delay of fatigue.

It should be noted that in different studies people who took high concentrations of creatine showed lower results with supplementation than those who followed the supplementation to the letter.

Always remember not only to follow the instructions indicated by the labeling of the products, they are only reference, each body is different, so to know what is best for you, call a nutrition professional and learn to use correctly The supplements to maximize their effects and find out what foods can inhibit the effects of creatine or other supplements that are consuming.

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