Weight training in women: why do it, what are its benefits?

Using a dumbbell to train, should not be taken as the best example to follow by other girls, know the benefits of training with weights.

train with small weights

Bodybuilding is a discipline that like very few, is riddled with myths and erroneous assumptions, not only by those who practice it casually, but even by the same instructors that we meet in the gymnasium (not all of them) that often do not They have an idea about what they are talking about.

Although these myths are currently dissipating little by little, there is still much to teach, especially on specific topics such as weight training in women, which seems not to settle in the process of feminine transformation due to different fears. And there are those who believe that using a dumbbell is an activity restricted to men, because women should look slender and curvy, while men thick and strong, which is partly true, and that is what a Next I will talk.

Musculation depends on hormones, not just exercise

A woman who goes to the gym to use the bicycle or the treadmill and who is only willing to use a dumbbell to train the legs and buttocks, should not be taken as the best example to follow by other girls. This fear of working the arms, abdomen or back is based on the false belief that a woman who lifts weights will develop the qualities of men at the physiological level: a thick and muscular body, taller and with hair.

However, nothing can be further from reality, since muscle growth and other issues reserved for men, not only depend on the amount of exercise performed, or the food ingested, but also the hormonal processes that vary from gender to gender. If we talk about numbers, a woman produces 10 times less testosterone than man, which is the hormone that is responsible for enhancing the results that a man achieves after months and months of hard training. What does this mean?; that despite doing unthinkable amounts of weight exercises, a woman can never reach such proportions of muscle mass, unless clear, that uses a supplementation from anabolic androgenic steroids.

Yes, it is true that on many occasions we have seen cases of women who manage to achieve an impressive physique, such as the case of the Russian Julia Vins, to mention some example. However, in order for these conditions to occur naturally, the following characteristics should be met:

Endogenous testosterone levels and growth hormones are produced at a much higher level 
Hormonal response responds better to weight training 
There is a genetic predisposition to develop muscle mass in greater quantity

The differences in weight training between men and women

Until now, we had only touched on the hormonal aspect that influences the growth of muscles. And as mentioned earlier, training also has a drastic influence on lean mass. However, the intensity, as well as the priority given to certain muscle groups in a woman’s routine, is far from what a man would do on a daily basis.

Women weight training

In summary, these are the main guidelines that characterize a woman’s training.

  • The movement of horizontal bench press should not be done when exercising the middle portion of the chest, since constant work encourages the reduction of the bust.
  • A routine for women is based more on the definition than on the growth of muscle mass. For this to be possible, it is preferred to work with more repetitions, decreasing the weight, unlike men who choose to work with reduced repetitions (between 6 and 10 per series), but with weights that are around 80% of capacity total survey.

Excessive leg training

“The more the better” is not a saying that can be applied in all cases, and the perfect example is in leg routines. Many women who attend the gym are obsessed with this area of ​​the body, and come to idealize the fact that if with two workouts they get very good results, with three, they will achieve exceptional changes, however, the opposite happens, because the frequent practice of this ideology, will lead to the destruction of the muscles of the legs, making them look smaller and thinner, in addition to accumulating a greater amount of fat in that area.

The same happens when training the legs and glutes in different sessions. By doing this consistently, you can reach a state of overtraining, due to the synergy between the two muscle groups and that must make some effort so that their counterpart can be worked.

Finally, dedicating only to leg and forget the rest of the body, creates muscle imbalances that are characterized by the manifestation of injuries in a short time.

Localized fat

Eliminating localized fat is a concept that is usually interpreted, not only by women, but also by men, although this to a lesser extent. When it is strictly speaking about burning fat in a precise part of the body, it is not necessary to understand that there are certain exercises that will magically help us to get rid of accumulated fat.

The abdominals are usually a reference to this mishap, and you have to understand once and for all, that doing 1000 sit-ups will have no effect on the adipose tissue of that area. What is achieved with this is to exhaust yourself incredibly, increase the mass of the muscles that are there and of course, tone the area.

The fat should be eliminated progressively and as you go through a good exercise routine and daily caloric intake, decrease, the body will oxidize the excess fats until you so choose. This also means that the creams, girdles or other rare products that are usually advertised in the morning news will not have any effect despite their high costs.

So, why being a woman, should I train with weights?

There is a great amount of benefits when training with weights as a woman, either aesthetically or healthily, and then we tell you about them.

  • A weight training, supplemented with a good session of cardiovascular exercise is ideal to lift the spirits, since with physical activity are released many hormones such as endorphins and dopamine that improve the mood of people and give the body that energy needed to move forward.
  • By increasing the muscle mass in a light way, the body requires more energy for its sustenance, since the muscle is a metabolically active tissue, or what is equal to that it needs energy to maintain itself. A higher metabolism means a higher consumption of calories and, therefore, greater fat burning.
  • Women who suffer from osteoporosis tend to suffer from bone obesity; however, this problem can be easily prevented or combated with good training.
  • Exercise is ideal for mitigating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as fluid retention, increased appetite, abdominal pain, changes in mood, etc.
  • Women who engage in physical activity and eat healthier, tend to develop less risk during pregnancy and when giving birth, not to mention that they improve the chances of the baby is born with an optimal state of health .
  • The immune system weakens with a sedentary lifestyle, this makes any person is prone to contract a disease or suffer from injuries before sudden movements.
  • Older women who practice sports achieve better balance and reaction time, among other aspects, helping to prevent falls or other similar accidents.
  • Your body will change for the better and you will feel better in all aspects. You’ll be happier, you’ll have more energy and that’s certainly noticeable leagues.

Remember that your weight training must be complemented by other factors that will help you in the transformation process:

  1. Cardiovascular training : With cardio exercises (also called aerobic exercises or resistance exercises) burn more fats in a complementary way and also increases resistance, which means that improves lung capacity, blood flow and heart are sees widely benefited.
  2. Balanced diet : A good diet is of unimportant importance to help you burn off accumulated fats. Remember that diet has 80% influence on the results you gain from training, so your priority is very important.
  3. Rest: Rest will help your body replenish the muscle fibers that are affected by training, allowing you to be 100% for the next routine.

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