Weight gain with age: How to avoid it with diet?

From a certain age it is very important to avoid refined products and increase protein consumption. Our body tends to accumulate more fat, which leads to a considerable weight gain.

Time not only brings with it experience and wisdom. With the passing of the years it is inevitable that some extra kilos appear. No matter how healthy your habits were or what were the mistakes you made in your diet, you will always notice an increase in weight in your body.

If weight has been one of the issues that your attention has occupied during your life, we assure you that from the age of 40 you will have an even more decisive role. At this stage, factors begin to appear that will change, by their very nature, the functioning of your organism .

If this topic was never your concern, we told you that you should pay attention to it because those other kilos can take your toll when you least imagine it. Otherwise, the strategies you previously used may no longer continue to work. Exercising and eating healthy will no longer be enough .

More age, more complications

Older woman with personal trainer

The sedentary lifestyle, the hormones and the wrong diets that you have practiced throughout your life will make it difficult to maintain your ideal weight. After 40 years everything begins to be more difficult.

The American Council of Exercise assured that from this age the metabolism slows down , so you will burn 300 calories less than when you were in your full youth with only 20 years.

Add to this the complications of life, the lack of time to devote to your personal care, family commitments, the desire to work and, in many cases, the disinterest in seeking a better health.

Because of this, you will have to use other mechanisms besides diet to avoid uncontrolled weight gain.

Sarcopenia: less muscles, more fat

Lose weight on a low carb diet.

There are several causes why you gain weight with age . We want you to understand that you are not to blame, they are reasons of nature itself. Now, once you know the origins of this condition, we will give you some recommendations that you can apply.

In principle, this occurs because sarcopenia is generated as the years go by. It is a process in which there is a considerable loss of muscle mass.

With this condition, from the age of 30 you can lose between 3 and 5 percent of muscle mass per decade. This will cause when you are 40 years burn 200 calories less than when you were 30. And, as you know, the more calories more fat and weight gain.

However, there are other reasons as well:

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Hormone decline

The hormones regain importance with the passage of time . In women and men there is a decrease in hormone production. They reach menopause after 50 years, and at 35 there is an imbalance between the production of estrogen and progesterone.

Fat cells are produced with the first hormone and the latter counteracts the process. After 35 years, more progesterone is lost than estrogen.

This produces the imbalance that leads to a high possibility that the woman will raise a few extra kilos.

On the other hand, after 30 years men decrease testosterone levels , at a rate of 1 percent each year. In this case, this hormone protects them from gaining weight. However, with its decline it is difficult to avoid gaining kilos.

Lack of exercise

Exercise routines to tone the arms.

Over the years people stop doing physical activity. And, with that, weight gain becomes inevitable because fat has more room to accumulate . That said, you just have to continue with your exercise routine or maintain physical activity.

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Tips to avoid weight gain with age

Next, we offer you a series of tips so that age is not synonymous with more weight. In any case, it is advisable that you ask for advice from a professional, so that your process is controlled:

You must maintain your muscle mass. Remember that the fat burns fewer calories than muscle . Therefore, it is essential that you do activities that challenge your muscle tissue, both to develop and maintain it.

Include many proteins in your diet , this will help you repair and grow your muscles.

Pay attention to the total calories you should consume. All count and more that come from sweets and refined products. Avoid them or ingest them in a moderate way.

Do not miss the diet. The goal is to maintain a healthy diet. Look for healthy recipes and if you eat out of the house ask for green dishes . It’s a matter of educating yourself and having good habits.

You see that the solutions are not so complicated. If you came with a good diet, you should continue like this, but with more control and effort.

If you had done exercises, include more muscle work. Over the years the weight gain becomes more latent . For this, you must take care of yourself even more, your health comes first.

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