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T5RX is Natural supplement build muscle, and increase energy with a natural testosterone booster. T5RX is a testosterone booster that claims to help you experience “mind-blowing results”, amongst other impressive claims.

The following review will look to see how accurate these claims are, and whether the ingredients it contains can offer the benefits it states.

We will also look at the package as a whole, its price and whether there are any hidden or repeat charges to worry about. The reason why this is so important is because this product is offered for trial, which in the past has been a bad sign.

Some people may even call trial offers a scam, we will soon discover if this is an accurate description of this offer, so please read on.
T5RX Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement. This testosterone booster claims to be a “performance enhancer” that “delivers mind-blowing results!” But this seems more a hype than the truth.

They are not very clear about the actual ingredient dosage. You get a list of ingredients but little about the dosage or the size of the capsule. So, you cannot know how effective it is.

The whole focus is to get you to sign up for their 18 day trial. The impression given is that it is a “risk free” or “free” trial. But it is not so. This is NOT A FREE TRIAL.

If you read the fine prints you realize it can cost you as much as $88.97 every month if you are not careful. I will come to that in a while.

This supplement is claimed to be made in the USA. But we could not find any information about the company or their location on the official website. All you have is a phone number and an email.

Read on to find out why you might want to give this trial offer a miss and why it is not worth the trouble.

T5RX Testosterone Booster Benefits Claimed

T5RX Testosterone Booster is not short of claims. It makes all the claims of a natural testosterone boost. They claim that regular use may help

Boost sex drive
Increase lean muscle
Enhance stamina
Sharpen mental focus
Fat loss
These are fine claims. But let’s see if they can back it up with the right set of ingredients. And more important if they do tell you the exact dosage of the ingredients it provides.

T5RX Testosterone Booster Ingredients

T5RX Testosterone Booster is a disappointment here. They do list out some of the ingredients. But sadly there is no mention of the label or the exact formulation. You do not know how much of the ingredients it contains.


There is no mention of how you are supposed to take this supplement on their website. You do not get to see the label. Nor do they mention the serving size and the recommended dosage.

Make sure you read the instruction on the bottle you receive before taking it. Stick to the recommended dosage and use.

T5RX Testosterone Booster Caution

You are told very little about the exact dosage and formulation. So you should be cautious using this supplement. Make sure you read the instructions on the label and to consult your doctor before you start using it.

This supplement should not be used by any person under the age of 18 years. It is not meant for use by pregnant or nursing women.

T5RX Testosterone Booster Side Effects

T5RX Testosterone Booster claims to be “backed by science” and safe to use. They do list out the ingredients. But the dosage is a mystery so you should take care using it. It would be wiser to consult your doctor before using it.

On the plus side, we could not find reports of adverse side effects from users of this supplement. The only crib seems to be about the cost and the terms of the trial offer.

Is T5RX Testosterone Booster Trial Offer Scam?

T5RX Testosterone Booster is no scam. I mean they do make the terms of the offer clear on the check out page. The terms clearly state that this is NOT A FREE OFFER!

The problem is that many users fail to read these fine prints. They signup thinking it is a free trial and cry scam when the first charge hits them.

This is the very reason we always recommend you read through the fine prints of such offers. Or better yet, stay away from trial offer. Look for supplements that do not end up in an auto shipping program or monthly charges.


Our T5RX Testosterone Booster Review – Should you try it?

T5RX Testosterone Booster fails to live up to the hype. Sure they list out the ingredients. And in the right dose it should help boost your testosterone. But the problem is that you have no clue about the dosage on the ingredients.

Just listing out the ingredients tells you nothing about the supplement. You need those in the right dosage to work. Here this supplement fails. It might have been better if they had listed out the ingredients and the dosage.

Even a look at the label would have made it worth a look. But sadly you never get to see it. Also, at $88.97 it is way too expensive. You can similar if not better supplements at half the cost.

What really makes us stop from recommending it is the trial offer. This is your usual auto shipping program. It is not a free or risk free offer. If you fail to cancel within the time they give you could end up paying $88.93 for it every month. I am sure this is enough to warn you to stay away from this offer.

Stay away from such trial offers. They are just not worth the cost and the trouble. Look for a more trusted and well researched alternative. Go for one that you can buy outright and get a money back guarantee.

#1 Recommended Testosterone Booster

You might be interested in TestoGen. This is a bestseller among users and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can get it for just $54.95. There are no hidden charges or terms to the offer.

If you are looking to give your training efforts a boost this is worth trying. Made from natural ingredients it can help you

Enhance muscle mass and strength
Boost your powerful strength
Reduce fatigue and body fat
T5RX will be Enhance your libido

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