AcraDerm Serum Reviews, Skincare Solution Price & Free Trial

AcraDerm Serum is another equation that is accessible to buy online as it were. It’s showcased as an enemy of maturing item that can diminish wrinkles, enhance immovability, and reestablish brilliance to your skin. Obviously, these are everything individuals need for their skin. Be that as it may, can an online item you’ve never known about genuinely do these things for you? For instance, how would you know whether this item is in the same class as one you could get in stores? Or then again, is AcraDerm Serum even worth attempting in any case? All things considered, we will get into that beneath. In any case, on the off chance that you’d rather not squander whenever, we don’t reprimand you. Basically tap the picture underneath to perceive what the #1 hostile to maturing item is!

AcraDerm Serum is fresh out of the box new, however we’re as of now observing advertisements for it. Odds are, possibly you did which is the reason you came here. Indeed, you’re savvy for needing to investigate the item more before lifting it up. Since, perusing surveys can provide you some insight into regardless of whether this equation is something you need for your skin. With every one of those skincare items out there, filtering through them all alone can feel incomprehensible. In this way, we trust we can at any rate help with our AcraDerm Serum survey. In any case, on the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to get to the point and see what we truly consider AcraDerm Serum, click beneath to check whether it made the best spot. At that point, you can squander zero time and snatch the #1 hostile to maturing equation for yourself!

Does AcraDerm Serum Work?

AcraDerm Serum is marked as an enemy of maturing recovery item. Presently, it’s typical to not be super content with wrinkles on your skin. What’s more, it’s ordinary to need to take care of those wrinkles. Or then again, perhaps you battle with listing skin, or staining. Indeed, it’s ordinary to need to dispose of those things, also. Be that as it may, AcraDerm Cream presumably wouldn’t delete every one of your flaws. That is only a considerable measure to ask from one skincare item. Additionally, there aren’t any audits out on AcraDerm Serum yet, so we can’t demonstrate that it will do anything. Yet, that is normal to not have an examination, either.

Since, numerous skincare items like AcraDerm Serum never get examined. At that point, purchasers simply need to attempt the item for themselves to check whether they like it in their daily schedule. That being stated, is AcraDerm Serum really worth attempting? All things considered, the jury is still out on that one. In the event that you’d rather take a stab at something that we extremely like, snap to guarantee the best item above. That way, you’re beginning with something solid straight out of the door. What’s more, there’s no mystery about regardless of whether AcraDerm Serum really does anything. In this way, in case you’re prepared to take that jump and take a stab at something, snatch the #1 item above!

AcraDerm Serum At A Glance:

Standard 30ml Of Product Per Bottle

Promoted As A Regenerating Product

Online Only Formula, Not In Stores

Accompanies A Pump For Easy Use

Stock Is Low And Demand Is High

AcraDerm Serum Ingredients

Most importantly, we’d get a kick out of the chance to praise AcraDerm Serum and their straightforwardness. You’d be shocked what number of organizations shroud their fixings on their site, or basically don’t post them by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, this item really has fixings on their site, which is decent. We’re just going to list the ones that emerge to us, since it’s a not insignificant rundown. For instance, AcraDerm Serum contains Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, and Retinol Palmitate or Vitamin A. Presently, peptides are regularly in skincare, as is collagen and Retinol. That is the reason we brought these fixings up. Yet, we don’t generally know how solid these fixings are in the AcraDerm Serum equation, or in the event that they’d cooperate well.

Step by step instructions to Use AcraDerm Serum

Begin With A Cleanser – You require a chemical in your daily schedule, regardless of whether you utilize AcraDerm Serum or not. We prescribe a velvety chemical over a frothy one. Since, frothing ones frequently take off vital oils in your skin. Along these lines, pick a rich one to expel gunk.

Include A Toner – If you need extremely clean skin, get a toner. That way, you can clean up all the oil, earth, cosmetics, and gunk that can stop up your pores previously applying AcraDerm Serum, or any item. Utilize the toner in the wake of purging to truly get your pores clear of gunk.

Run In With AcraDerm Serum – Next, you can apply AcraDerm Serum everywhere all over, neck, and chest. It’s imperative to do this each morning and night. Since, your skin needs consistency. In this way, notwithstanding when you’re in a surge or super drained, make it a need.

Attempt Antioxidants – Now, we don’t know whether AcraDerm Serum has any cancer prevention agents in it. Thus, we prescribe getting a serum that has them, as they’re useful for shielding your skin from free radicals. Simply look online for one that you will enthusiastically utilize each day.

Keep in mind Your SPF – Finally, AcraDerm Serum doesn’t contain SPF, either. In this way, you have to put resources into a sunscreen you really like wearing. Furthermore, that implies even on days that are overcast, as the sun can at present traverse the mists and harm the skin.

Step by step instructions to Order AcraDerm Serum

It’s truly simple to get your jug of AcraDerm Serum. You simply need to go to their site. Since, we can’t connect it specifically here. In any case, we have confidence you’ll have the capacity to discover it with a straightforward web look. Along these lines, in case you’re keen on experimenting with AcraDerm Serum, that is the most direct approach to get this item. Something else, in the event that you’d rather not go searching for it and you need to spare time, we get that. Why not begin with the best enemy of maturing item above? That way, you can begin solid with an item we wholeheartedly prescribe. Snap above (or beneath on versatile) to get your container today! What’s more, rush, this offer wouldn’t keep going for long! Thus, don’t pass up a major opportunity.

3-day routine for weight training

If you want to gain muscle mass, the 3-day full body routine is excellent for you, you will be surprised at the results you will get.

3-day routine

One of the most common ways to train for bodybuilding, or to gain muscle mass if necessary, is the 3-day routine. It is also a good time frame for ordinary people who work or have other main activities but want a little more lean tissue in their bodies.

The routine that we will show you next to the naked eye does not attract attention nor does it seem spectacular, but give it a month and a half to two months and you will be surprised at the results you will get. It is a routine that is very low volume and should be good especially for two profiles: those that are somehow well trained or genetically gifted; and also for those who have a slow recovery.

If I have more strength do I have more muscles?

If you train yourself worrying about using higher and higher kilajes, then this article will help you understand how your body works.

more strength more muscle

If you train yourself worrying about using higher and higher kilajes, then this article will help you understand how your body works.

You want to have bigger muscles and for that you know that you must work heavy. If you want a muscle to be bigger, it must be stronger. It is scientifically proven that increasing strength is the necessary first step for muscle growth to take place. And it does not help to say that the lifters are getting stronger but having the same size.

It does not work because it is not really true. In any serious training period of between three and six months it is possible to observe visible changes in the hypertrophy of muscle fibers, changes that are inversely proportional to the degree of training of each individual. In those people who train little, the growth of the muscular size goes between 20 and 35%. But these figures, which we could say are spectacular, translate into modest gains talking about muscle size. The reason is that only the stimulated muscle fibers are affected by hypertrophy, the process responsible for making muscles grow.

A theory is established that discredits strength training as a means to generate muscle mass gain, that lifters, despite working with increasing loads, do not have a size proportional to the kilos they are driving. This is a half truth.

While it is true that it is not often observed many changes in the muscle cells of elite lifters no matter how hard they work, this is because they achieved their maximum genetic potential in terms of cell size.

Gaining size depends, genetically speaking, on the type and number of muscle fibers each one possesses. In order for an untrained muscle to grow, it is necessary to produce the maximum stimulation of the muscle fibers. It is not complicated to establish that, taking into account this, each one must define his so-called “physiological strategy”, according to how his muscle fibers are distributed, in order to increase the size of a particular muscle.

The neutral force

We do not want to generate confusion and for that reason we need to clarify that very few people can be considered as elite lifters. They, like experienced lifters, developed a series of automatisms that give them the possibility of elevating burdens through the practice known as neuromuscular coordination .

This practice is what is applied in a reduced number of movements, or repetitions, but nobody should think that by lifting 150 kilos of bench press becomes an elite lifter.

It is very common to read or hear that lifters improve their brands but without gaining muscle because they maintain their body weight. But since when is that taken as a synonym of not gaining size? There is always a category limit of that, but even with that brake, it is possible to gain muscle. It usually happens that the fat is removed to make room for the muscle fibers and hypertrophy, in order to give the requested weight.

Increasing strength using neuromuscular coordination is something that is reserved almost exclusively for elite lifters.

Types of muscle fibers

To make things simple, we can say that we have two types of muscle fibers, easy to identify and that are classified by science. They are known as type 1 and type 2 fibers. In turn, these fibers are subclassified in others.

The fiber type 1, also known as fibers slow or red contraction are most useful for those who play sports long – term cycling in highway or marathon as they are what make it possible to complete distances in less time.

On the other hand, type 2 fibers, also known as fast-twitch or white fibers , are the ones that interest the strength and velocity practitioners. Without them, you can not lift 400 kilos in a squat or run 100 meters in less than ten seconds.

It is important to note that the size of type 2 is larger than type 1, which results in higher protein content. You have to assess the potential for changes in the size of a fiber, a whole muscle or a group of fibers. Those with a greater number of type 2 fibers are more likely to gain muscle mass due to a higher protein content. 
Anyway, this factor is not the only determinant when talking about the possibilities of gaining size.

The number of muscle fibers that form the entire muscle package is key. It is possible that someone has a low percentage of type 2 fibers, but with a high number of type 1, developing a size similar or even greater than another individual who does have a high percentage of type 2 fibers. What is not discussed is that the chances of gaining strength are greater for those who own more than type 2, but even so the size may be similar.

And this should not come as a surprise. In bodybuilding there are thousands of examples that show that it is possible to achieve success regardless of the strength or fiber capabilities of your body. Following a physiological strategy according to your body is the reason for this success, and a lot of dedication and hard work, obviously.

So you know, if you want to gain muscle you must gain strength but first of all you must recognize the type of practice you want to focus on and work in order to enhance the type of fiber you require. If you do soccer then power your type 1 fibers to hold more in the games, and if you want to hit the ball harder, power the fibers of type 2. It is not that pay attention to one stop giving importance to the other, both are complementary and contribute to the development of your body’s maximum potential. It is always recommended to visit professionals in nutrition, which you can find free in gyms or training centers or health, so you do not have to pay money, that is not an excuse to gain strength and muscle.

Negative repetitions; What are they for and examples

Negative repetitions can noticeably influence the gain of muscle mass, know how to perform them there are three types.

Negative Repetitions

Possibly throughout your stay in gym, on more than one occasion you have heard someone talk about negative repetitions and how they can have a marked influence on muscle mass gain, of course, as long as they are performed with the perfection they demand. , otherwise they simply serve to increase the risk of acquiring an extremely painful and serious injury. Why is this so ?, simply because this method of training is a way of demanding from the body a job that goes beyond reaching the failure or performing forced repetitions, where a partner is asked to help keep lifting the weights , using the strength of this to decrease the pressure of the load.

A negative repetition is divided into two parts, the positive part in which contraction of the muscle is performed (raising the weight) and the negative part in which the weight is lowered, allowing the stretching of the worked muscles.

When using negative repetitions as an additional tool for muscle volume gain it is very important to know that although many studies claim that you can work with a load of 40% on the RM, this is only possible when performing the eccentric phase of the exercise, since the neurological transfer is drastically reduced when trying to control the weight during the concentric phase. It is for this reason that the higher performance bodybuilders “barely” use an additional 10% load on their RM. This means that, although this type of exercise will help us gain more muscle, its true purpose is to make our body and mind believe that we can lift loads greater than usual,

Guidelines to keep in mind when performing a negative repetition

Generally, an athlete that includes negative repetitions during their training, carries them out to the end of it, because this is intended to extend the worked muscle, even beyond the muscular failure, which would induce further growth.

However, deeper studies suggest that it is best to work with negative repetitions at the beginning, so that you can take advantage of the neural connections that are still fresh up to this point. Of course, it is extremely important to keep in mind that you should not perform more than three heavy series, as this would expose the body to an overload of weight.
Because the negative repetitions are very demanding for any athlete, these should be performed only by experienced people, doing just a couple of exercises a week and limited to lifting loads too high throughout the entire training, otherwise increases the risk of creating irreversible damage to the muscular system and the central nervous system.

Unlike the classic surveys, in negative repetitions should be used between 3 and 4 seconds for weight reduction, time that must be controlled accurately to ensure proper work. While it is possible to increase the time, in this case the load used must be reduced, however, it is somewhat more complex to perform, because each adjustment must be strictly planned for the needs of each athlete. It is for this reason that in this type of exercise not only muscle congestion must be taken into account, but also to train the nervous tissues thereof to move in the most optimal way.

Obviously, negative repetitions can not become part of a continuous plan, but rather should be used as sporadic alternative methods to increase the gain of strength and muscle prior to a competition, so under no circumstances is recommended for fitness enthusiasts .

Different types of negative repetitions

chest routine

In total, there are three types of negative repetitions that can be used in different workouts.

Method 1:

Although it is generally not considered a negative repetition, we could say that it brings similar benefits. This consists in enduring the negative phase of the repetition for a longer time.
When carrying out this method it is highly recommended to do it with isolation exercises, so it is ideal for a single athlete.

Method 2:

This method is even more intense, because it is necessary first to reach muscle failure and then continue with two or three forced repetitions.
Due to the requirement of this form of training, no more than three negative repetitions should be made.

Method 3:

It is the most aggressive method and requires a previous warm-up of the muscle based on positive series, being necessary in most cases, up to six to minimize the risk of injury.
Consists in retaining the weight loss for longer, so that the repetitions should not be high (less than ten). The positive phase should not involve any extra effort, since this should be done with the help of a partner.

  • Remember that you should only use this technique in compound exercises, giving higher priority to method 3, in a maximum of two series for each exercise.
  • Method 3 is more effective for isolation exercises and to maximize results the negative phase must be maintained for several seconds.
  • The first method should be done only by elite practitioners seeking to increase neural strength.

10 incredible food tricks to gain muscle mass

The most important thing to create muscle is nutrition, that’s why we’re going to show you 10 incredible tricks to create muscle based on your meals.

food gain muscle

Many times it has been commented that when we want to gain muscle mass there are many factors that we must take into account, being one of the most important food, since having an adequate diet is in fact almost as important as exercise. For that simple reason is that this time I want to share 10 food tricks to gain muscle mass that will be very useful to meet each and every one of your goals and objectives.

If you have ever seen some foods to burn fat, you may notice some resemblance to the foods that we will see this time, as some of these foods do help burn fat to help the definition and volume, but what more Change from one diet to another are carbohydrates.
Next, basically what I will do is present some tricks that you must follow to gain muscle mass, but you must keep in mind that almost in all cases where you want to gain muscle mass the body also ends up winning a few pounds of weight. fat, especially because we have to ensure as much as possible the growth, besides that the important thing is to catabolize as little as possible:

10 tricks to keep in mind to gain muscle mass

1.- Consume proteins : We all know that for muscle development it is extremely important to consume protein, at least 1gr per kilo of weight that our body has, although in intense training it is recommended to consume at least 2 gr per kilo of weight, since which are needed to regenerate the muscular myofrils that broke in training.

2.- Eat carbohydrates : When we want to gain muscle mass we have to eat enough carbohydrates, where it is recommended to consume 3-4gr of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight, since this is necessary to be full of energy and to be able to perform the demanding and intense workouts of our routine, in addition to helping the muscle recover more quickly.

3.- Consume fat : Let’s start by saying that they are unsaturated fat, so in this case you do not have to worry about removing all the fat from your food, since it is necessary to produce thermogenesis and metabolize the adipose tissue, besides protecting to the muscle to catabolize and allow us to train much more intensely.

4.- Drinking water : You have probably heard a lot of times the importance of drinking water before, during and after exercise, since dehydration, even if it is minimal, affects our physical capacity and our physique in general, in addition to muscles are composed of 60% water.

5.- Several meals a day : Although you have also heard many times, it is important that you try to make between five and six meals a day, with a space of between two and three hours at most. In this way you will have a more stable glucose level and you will always have muscles full of energy.

Remember that the most important meal is what you have after training, because if you want to increase the size of the muscles you have to eat in the first 20 minutes after training, with a source of protein and carbohydrates, if they can be predigested for easy absorption.

6.- Consuming antioxidants : It is a well known fact that antioxidants help us to stop the deterioration of muscle cells and in particular vitamins E and C greatly support the anabolic process of recovery, regeneration and growth of muscles at the cellular level.

Some of the foods in which you will find a large amount of vitamin C is in lemons, oranges, tangerines and grapefruit, in terms of vitamin E, you can find it in avocado and walnuts.

7.- Consuming sodium : We know that sodium, if not consumed with care, is a deadly enemy because it retains liquids and can cause other problems, but this is an essential mineral that is necessary to have a better absorption of nutrients, Besides that it is a natural enhancer of the anabolic hormone insulin and is lost when sweating in workouts.

You can increase your sodium intake with sauces, canned foods and nutritional supplements.

8.- Eating nuts : These have a high content of fibers, proteins and healthy fats, especially nuts, almonds and seeds or sunflower seeds. They are also very useful when consumed between meals or added to a meal to improve the amount of protein consumed.

They are also ideal to be consumed before going to sleep, since their high content of healthy fiber and fat helps to slow down digestion, so that their amino acids are kept longer in the body, which helps to avoid the decomposition of the muscle mass while we sleep.

9.- Daily breakfast oatmeal : This is very rich in proteins of high biological value, minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, fats, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and E. that they contain a good amount of fibers that contribute to an excellent intestinal functioning.

You can combine them with proteins of animal origin, such as skimmed milk, which will improve anabolic results. It is also recommended as pre-training food because of its function as an energizer.

10.- Consume eggs : Although many people are afraid of them, it is clear that egg whites are among the fastest-digesting protein sources, which makes them an excellent choice to eat before or after training. The yolks are full of lectin and healthy fats, in addition to saturated fats, which are assimilated slowly.

Another excellent detail of the eggs is that they do not contain carbohydrates, in addition to cooked you can take them almost anywhere in a simple and clean way.

With this we come to the end of the advice, and as you may have noticed, this time did not talk about the supplements that can be taken for muscle growth very thoroughly, in which protein shakes can stand out, Zinc, as, multivitamin, creatine, etc … Since here we want to indicate that while you have the right diet, be constant, disciplined and strict, you can get the results you’ve always wanted.

How to quickly increase muscle gain and definition

We will teach you the best secrets so that you can increase muscle easily and also to define, according to your purpose. Part 1.

The gain of muscle mass, although it appears to be a purely physical change, the truth is that it is a complex process in which there are many changes at the emotional, hormonal, physiological and of course physical levels, in which naturally a long list of factors, some of them secondary and other three of greater importance that are defined as food, proper rest and good strength training.


This series of changes, generally known as the body’s transformation process ; under general rules it is divided into two phases: the volume phase and the definition phase . Although it is a habit that many athletes follow in this order, there are those who may be affected in a negative way, mainly due to genetic factors that prevent them from either gaining quality muscle mass or losing fat easily. In the worst case we can find people like the endomorphs who, from a fitness perspective, combine the worst of both worlds and therefore, it is more difficult to achieve their goals, although it is not something that is impossible … well they say that Genetics predetermines, does not determine.

And well, returning again to the phases that normally are occupied during the process of transformation of the body, the reason why it is important to know more about this is because in this way it is possible to achieve the expected results and in more optimal times . We explain below what each one consists of.

  • Mass gain phase: This phase is characterized in, as the name implies, increasing the muscular volume of the body . Due to the requirements for these changes to occur, it is possible to notice an increase in body fat levels.
  • Definition phase : It consists of eliminating the fat accumulated during the previous phase. For this it is necessary to follow a diet low in calories. Strength training continues to be a high priority, since what is sought is to eliminate adipose tissue, minimizing the catabolic process to the minimum that occurs when following a hypocaloric regime.

How to optimize the phase of mass gain

The genetic predisposition

Knowing our genetic disposition is the first step to follow before choosing any of the available paths for a balanced transformation process. The reason for this is based on the premise that it is essential to know how the body reacts to the stimuli of exercise and of course, to changes from a maintenance diet to hypercaloric or hypocaloric.

To know our genetic disposition we do not have to do a purely scientific study, often enough with empirical knowledge, trial-error tests or to simplify all this, know the characteristics of our body and know the somatotype to which it would be classified.

The three main body somatotypes are classified as ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic, with the following characteristics:

Also clarify that although the classification of body somatotypes is divided into three groups, you can rarely find a person who belongs to a pure somatotype, as there will be ectomorphs with the classic ” beer belly ” or endomorphs with long and thin extremities, between other combinations.

Following the general rules, a person with qualities of endomorph will not benefit from following a process started with the increase in mass and then work on the definition, since this would only lead to a much greater increase in fat mass, generating more adipocyte cells and making the process of fat loss even more complicated, which if given, could easily lead to a rebound effect. In this particular case it is recommended to start with the definition phase and once the ideal weight has been achieved, start building more muscle and then re-define.

The ectomorfos and mesomorfos will not have problems in beginning with the phase of gain of mass, because their tolerance to the carbohydrates usually is much more effective and, as long as they take a suitable dietary regime, the gain of adipose tissue will be possible in minimum levels.

What uses and effects does creatine have?

It is one of the most used supplements by athletes, mainly those strength activities, because creatine allows the development of muscles.

The Creatine is an organic acid found in muscle, although it can also be synthesized, so it can be found for sale in the form of cream, capsules, powders, and presentations. Creatine is one of the most popular supplements and used by athletes, mainly those strength activities, such as free weights or wrestling, this is because creatine allows a better development of muscles.

creatine effects

Creatine when used correctly, that is, in adequate doses and time, does not cause damage to the kidneys in healthy people. The consumption of creatine should not be continuous or in high doses, on the other hand, when the intake of creatine is greater than the maximum that the muscle can accumulate, its synthesis (by the body) is reduced and creatine ingested more It is excreted in the urine.

The creatine supplementation well used can then enable you to get better results in terms of training, some of the points where the effects are most relevant are:

  • Strength : In some studies an improvement in strength was found as a result of the supplement.
  • Hypertrophy : Many studies indicate an increase in muscle mass, this of course also doing training routines. Creatine alone or for a short period does not lead to great results.
  • Water retention : In fact, the administration of supplements leads to an increase in the volume of body water and it is believed that this mechanism facilitates the increase of muscle mass, since 75% of the muscle is composed of water.
  • Training : It seems that supplementation with creatine facilitates an increase in the volume of training, which can facilitate the increase of lean mass.
  • Fatigue : It is worth clarifying this detail, the supplementation with creatine does not seem to have significant effects on the delay of fatigue.

It should be noted that in different studies people who took high concentrations of creatine showed lower results with supplementation than those who followed the supplementation to the letter.

Always remember not only to follow the instructions indicated by the labeling of the products, they are only reference, each body is different, so to know what is best for you, call a nutrition professional and learn to use correctly The supplements to maximize their effects and find out what foods can inhibit the effects of creatine or other supplements that are consuming.

Hyperproteic diet to gain muscle mass

When you want to gain muscle mass, you need a hyperproteic diet. The following is a diet specially designed for this type of situations.

When it is required to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to undergo a hyperproteic diet. The following is a diet specially designed for this type of situation, and uses basic foods in any diet, so it will not be difficult to adapt to it.

However, before starting, we must clarify that the purpose of the diet is to help people already experienced and looking for greater muscle gain for future competitions. For this reason, nutritional supplements have been used to help cover all the nutritional demands for high intensity training.

Given that it is currently known that muscle mass gain not only influences the consumption of any type of protein at any time, this diet takes into account these specific points to provide the greatest benefits.

Breakfast – 08:00 AM

Source :

  • Egg whites and cheese without fat

Benefits :

  • They work as sources of rapid absorption protein. This is ideal so that in case of fasting the night before, the protein levels in the organism recover, accelerating the natural anabolism.

Components :

  • From 8 to 10 cooked egg whites and accompany with a slice of fat-free cheese and wholemeal bread, in addition to an orange juice.


  • 490 calories, 38 grams of protein, 80 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fat

Pre-workout – 90 minutes before training


  • Whey protein powder


  • Rapid digestion protein that with high contents of branched amino acids, which when consumed before training, increases testosterone levels, in addition to helping to prevent the decomposition of muscles.
  • It increases the levels of insulin necessary for training, when combined with fast-absorbing carbohydrates such as orange juice.


  • 2 tablespoons whey protein powder, mixed in water with 400 grams of orange juice, which will act as carbohydrates for fast digestion.


  • From 344 to 384 calories, of which: 30 to 40 grams of protein, 56 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fat.

Post-training – 45 minutes after training


  • Casein and serum mixture


  • By combining whey protein and fast absorbing carbohydrates, consumed shortly after training, it works to reverse muscle catabolism, increasing insulin levels and growth hormone. 
    Slow-digesting casein supports slow-digesting amino acids that could be lost by consuming a large portion of serum immediately.


  • About replacement of powdered food with whey and casein, mixed in water, a banana and three small spoons of honey.


  • 460 calories, of which: 45 grams of protein, 70 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fat

Lunch – 02:00 PM

Source :

  • Lean meat

Benefits :

  • Slow digestion protein that provides amino acids that the body requires throughout the afternoon. It also contributes its portion of creatine, zinc and vitamins of Complex B.

Components :

  • 280 grams of lean meat cooked on the grill, one cup of cooked pasta, one cup of various vegetables, tomato sauce

Nutrients :

  • 552 calories, of which: 51 grams of protein, 60 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of fat.

Dinner – 09:00 PM


  • Salmon


  • Slowing of protein intake, thanks to the higher fat content in salmon. In this case, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, present in fish, help the muscles maintain glutamine, an anti-catabolic amino acid.


  • 225 grams of grilled salmon, a large cooked potato, vegetable salad


  • 668 calories, of which: 47 grams of protein, 75 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of fat

Before sleep

Source :

  • Casein nicelar


  • Protein derived from milk that forms a kind of layer in the stomach and that requires a lot of time to digest. The protein consumed helps stop the progression of cortisol, an appetite hormone that appears during periods of fasting, in this case, from the last meal until the next meal in the morning, which may be more than 14 hours apart.


  • Three tablespoons of casein protein nicelar, 350 grams of milk without fat. Add a cup of oatmeal if you want to increase the volume of the muscles.


  • 364 calories, of which: 65 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fat
  • 564 calories with oats, of which, 65 grams of protein, 67 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fat.

Weight training in women: why do it, what are its benefits?

Using a dumbbell to train, should not be taken as the best example to follow by other girls, know the benefits of training with weights.

train with small weights

Bodybuilding is a discipline that like very few, is riddled with myths and erroneous assumptions, not only by those who practice it casually, but even by the same instructors that we meet in the gymnasium (not all of them) that often do not They have an idea about what they are talking about.

Although these myths are currently dissipating little by little, there is still much to teach, especially on specific topics such as weight training in women, which seems not to settle in the process of feminine transformation due to different fears. And there are those who believe that using a dumbbell is an activity restricted to men, because women should look slender and curvy, while men thick and strong, which is partly true, and that is what a Next I will talk.

Musculation depends on hormones, not just exercise

A woman who goes to the gym to use the bicycle or the treadmill and who is only willing to use a dumbbell to train the legs and buttocks, should not be taken as the best example to follow by other girls. This fear of working the arms, abdomen or back is based on the false belief that a woman who lifts weights will develop the qualities of men at the physiological level: a thick and muscular body, taller and with hair.

However, nothing can be further from reality, since muscle growth and other issues reserved for men, not only depend on the amount of exercise performed, or the food ingested, but also the hormonal processes that vary from gender to gender. If we talk about numbers, a woman produces 10 times less testosterone than man, which is the hormone that is responsible for enhancing the results that a man achieves after months and months of hard training. What does this mean?; that despite doing unthinkable amounts of weight exercises, a woman can never reach such proportions of muscle mass, unless clear, that uses a supplementation from anabolic androgenic steroids.

Yes, it is true that on many occasions we have seen cases of women who manage to achieve an impressive physique, such as the case of the Russian Julia Vins, to mention some example. However, in order for these conditions to occur naturally, the following characteristics should be met:

Endogenous testosterone levels and growth hormones are produced at a much higher level 
Hormonal response responds better to weight training 
There is a genetic predisposition to develop muscle mass in greater quantity

The differences in weight training between men and women

Until now, we had only touched on the hormonal aspect that influences the growth of muscles. And as mentioned earlier, training also has a drastic influence on lean mass. However, the intensity, as well as the priority given to certain muscle groups in a woman’s routine, is far from what a man would do on a daily basis.

Women weight training

In summary, these are the main guidelines that characterize a woman’s training.

  • The movement of horizontal bench press should not be done when exercising the middle portion of the chest, since constant work encourages the reduction of the bust.
  • A routine for women is based more on the definition than on the growth of muscle mass. For this to be possible, it is preferred to work with more repetitions, decreasing the weight, unlike men who choose to work with reduced repetitions (between 6 and 10 per series), but with weights that are around 80% of capacity total survey.

Excessive leg training

“The more the better” is not a saying that can be applied in all cases, and the perfect example is in leg routines. Many women who attend the gym are obsessed with this area of ​​the body, and come to idealize the fact that if with two workouts they get very good results, with three, they will achieve exceptional changes, however, the opposite happens, because the frequent practice of this ideology, will lead to the destruction of the muscles of the legs, making them look smaller and thinner, in addition to accumulating a greater amount of fat in that area.

The same happens when training the legs and glutes in different sessions. By doing this consistently, you can reach a state of overtraining, due to the synergy between the two muscle groups and that must make some effort so that their counterpart can be worked.

Finally, dedicating only to leg and forget the rest of the body, creates muscle imbalances that are characterized by the manifestation of injuries in a short time.

Localized fat

Eliminating localized fat is a concept that is usually interpreted, not only by women, but also by men, although this to a lesser extent. When it is strictly speaking about burning fat in a precise part of the body, it is not necessary to understand that there are certain exercises that will magically help us to get rid of accumulated fat.

The abdominals are usually a reference to this mishap, and you have to understand once and for all, that doing 1000 sit-ups will have no effect on the adipose tissue of that area. What is achieved with this is to exhaust yourself incredibly, increase the mass of the muscles that are there and of course, tone the area.

The fat should be eliminated progressively and as you go through a good exercise routine and daily caloric intake, decrease, the body will oxidize the excess fats until you so choose. This also means that the creams, girdles or other rare products that are usually advertised in the morning news will not have any effect despite their high costs.

So, why being a woman, should I train with weights?

There is a great amount of benefits when training with weights as a woman, either aesthetically or healthily, and then we tell you about them.

  • A weight training, supplemented with a good session of cardiovascular exercise is ideal to lift the spirits, since with physical activity are released many hormones such as endorphins and dopamine that improve the mood of people and give the body that energy needed to move forward.
  • By increasing the muscle mass in a light way, the body requires more energy for its sustenance, since the muscle is a metabolically active tissue, or what is equal to that it needs energy to maintain itself. A higher metabolism means a higher consumption of calories and, therefore, greater fat burning.
  • Women who suffer from osteoporosis tend to suffer from bone obesity; however, this problem can be easily prevented or combated with good training.
  • Exercise is ideal for mitigating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as fluid retention, increased appetite, abdominal pain, changes in mood, etc.
  • Women who engage in physical activity and eat healthier, tend to develop less risk during pregnancy and when giving birth, not to mention that they improve the chances of the baby is born with an optimal state of health .
  • The immune system weakens with a sedentary lifestyle, this makes any person is prone to contract a disease or suffer from injuries before sudden movements.
  • Older women who practice sports achieve better balance and reaction time, among other aspects, helping to prevent falls or other similar accidents.
  • Your body will change for the better and you will feel better in all aspects. You’ll be happier, you’ll have more energy and that’s certainly noticeable leagues.

Remember that your weight training must be complemented by other factors that will help you in the transformation process:

  1. Cardiovascular training : With cardio exercises (also called aerobic exercises or resistance exercises) burn more fats in a complementary way and also increases resistance, which means that improves lung capacity, blood flow and heart are sees widely benefited.
  2. Balanced diet : A good diet is of unimportant importance to help you burn off accumulated fats. Remember that diet has 80% influence on the results you gain from training, so your priority is very important.
  3. Rest: Rest will help your body replenish the muscle fibers that are affected by training, allowing you to be 100% for the next routine.
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