New advertising campaigns: ‘YouTube ads’

Marketing and the different ways to attract new customers are constantly changing to be able to innovate before your most direct rivals do. And it is that a good advertising campaign can guarantee that you are the leader of your sector or that you fall into bankruptcy. Therefore, online marketing, and specifically YouTube ads, are booming. But are they really as effective as it seems?

YouTube was created in February 2005. A period that seems really short for any multinational company is quite long for those who base their commerce on the Internet. “Renew or die” is the slogan he had to follow when deciding to incorporate ads at the beginning of his videos. However, something that was very annoying to customers at first, has become the most everyday thing we can find on any website today.

Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) is an agency specializing in online market research. After conducting a study on the influence of YouTube ads on consumers, he revealed that 5% of customers pay attention to the advertising shown on that portal. A figure that may seem really poor and deficient, is more than satisfactory considering that television advertising (which is considered the most effective of those existing today) captures the attention of 6% of viewers.

In addition, that 5% must be placed in a context of the number of users that YouTube has worldwide. And this portal already had more than one billion active users in 2013. However, does any type of advertising done through a website work? Clearly not. The immediacy of online marketing requires, in turn, that if we want to carry out an advertising campaign, it has to be much shorter, interactive, different and emotional.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the first 5 seconds of the ad are vital. After this period, the user can click on “skip this ad” and therefore we would lose all the investment made. To be able to capture attention from the beginning, one must know how to use emotions, feelings and, above all, metaphors and intrigue. Everything that intrigues a user will make him stay even a few more seconds to know what will happen. These seconds can mean we have won a customer.

One of the greatest techniques used today to get attention from the beginning is the well-known ‘storytelling’ . This new method aims to create stories by building a universe in which the audience is linked in a sensory and visual way with the product we want to show. These stories will always be more attractive if they are loaded with emotion and a nostalgic and sentimental reward. In the words of Carlos Dulanto, an academic at the prestigious Miami Ad School: “It’s not about lying. It’s about recreating. The brain takes care of the rest: to feel again, to imagine and even to move towards a much more comfortable situation than the current one. ”

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