Minimizes fat gain in volume stage

During the stages of volume gain, the increase in body fat can occur know how you can reduce the fat gain.

fat gain in volume

During the stages of volume gain , the increase in body fat can occur to a greater extent when the foundations of the three main pillars in the discipline are not strictly adhered to: hypercaloric feeding, stimulation of muscle fibers to produce micro-tears and with it the regeneration and expansion of the same, and finally, the rest. Pay attention, that under any circumstance it is possible to appreciate the manifestation of this growth, however, the adequate control of it, will guarantee a complete body transformation and in less prolonged time.

The main reason for a poor transformation

As already mentioned, the application of such pillars, strictly speaking, is the first step to success. The problem is that, although many athletes train properly, and give the body enough time for recovery, do not usually ingest the necessary amounts of energy to meet the caloric need that the body demands for their benefit.

On the other hand, athletes who tend to extend the time of muscle gain, also significantly increase the percentage of fat, and is that the longer hypertrophy exercises, the greater are usually the negative effects on the body’s hormones; In many cases, insulin resistance is present, facilitating the easy intake of more energy than necessary, and therefore creating a dependence on food.

Ways to avoid fat gain

Firstly, it is necessary to increase the caloric consumption between 15 and 20% of the total energy expenditure, allowing the body, the capacity of regeneration of muscle fibers. Although the accumulation of fat in this stage is irremediable, the adequate adjustment of macronutrient consumption will help to minimize the lipid gain to a greater extent.

This means that there should be no fear of eating what is necessary throughout the day, however, if you have to take into account the origin of these foods, and opt for nutritious foods.

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