Make money with a blog? If possible

What begins as a hobby to talk about topics that you find interesting, can become a source of income. According to the study presented by IPREX , blogs are the paradise where brands advertise their products. For their part, bloggers benefit from the interest they raise and see how their bank account increases.

Blogs are a source of inspiration for corporate marketing strategies. The research carried out by the international network of communication and public relations agencies of Poweraxles has shown the success at European level enjoyed by these spaces on the web. In Spain, three out of four bloggers earn money thanks to advertising.

The number of users who visit blogs has made brands interested in them and invest their money. The study, conducted on 1,200 bloggers, 106 of them Spanish, reveals that it is the brands that take the first step. 32% of respondents confirm that, every day, they receive a request from a different company.

Without a doubt, bloggers have seen how their initial idea can become a business model. In fact, according to the report, 33% of Spaniards surveyed are convinced of the advantages that a brand has to contact you and would be delighted that they did it more often. And, although it may seem that money moves mountains, in the case of bloggers it is not quite true.

The blog is a place that conforms to specific characteristics closely linked to the personality of its author. Therefore, not all brands have a place among their posts. According to the study, 28% publish information related to other companies if they believe it may be attractive to their followers while 22% do so simply because of the financial compensation it entails.

The profile of the Spanish blogger for which brands feel special interest is for 33-year-olds, mainly women (63% versus 37% male) and with a theme focused on fashion (35%) or travel (22 %). The way to contact them may vary. 17% of brands choose to invite events or inaugurations, 15% organize meetings for bloggers and 18% prefer to send information about their products.

In any case, it is clear that the blog boom has no limit. Companies seek to adapt to new market needs and reach as many people as possible. Blogs seem to be among their priorities. Which means that the advertising of some can be beneficial for others.

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