6 shoulder exercises to see you stronger

Surely you’ve seen a guy in the street who looks “big” and with a belly. He does not look fat (the famous fat or fat)! And others apparently thin (narrow) but that look long or panzones. It’s simply a ratio between shoulder width and waist size!

In my column in Moi Magazine  I give you tips just to see you “more tomorrow” that have to do with this: “That you see more volume in shoulders, arm and chest, and less in waist -lonja-“.


The ideal body of man is a “V” (no matter how wide or narrow), in fact the golden ratio indicates that the ideal shoulder-waist ratio is 1.6; However, this ideal only has the figures of comics, super movie stars or TV, or athletes like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Christian, Channing Tatum, The Rock, William Levy or Chris Hemsworth.


Mexicans of VERY good body, on average have a ratio of 1.45 to 1.5


As measured?


  1. Measure the shoulder width in the most protruding part (wide).
  2. Measure the waist, above the iliac crests, for practical terms at the level of the navel.


For example, my case goes:


Shoulders: 125cm

Waist: 86cm

Shoulder-waist ratio: 1.45

The example is for you to get an idea of ​​why some guys look “blowjobs” even though they are weak and others look “strong” even if they have a belly or a slice.


This is important because, so you have “slice or tummy”, if your shoulders are wider than your waist, you’ll look good, and it’s easier to look Muscled!


To reduce the waist in addition to doing cardio  or HIIT , you must reduce the consumption of sugars, flours and fried or breaded foods.


To increase the size of shoulders And achieve the desired “V” !, you have to work the area, I give you these 6 exercises for your routine:


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