5 things you can do to reduce fat gain

Are you trying to lose weight but your efforts do not give you the desired results? Have you ever thought that maybe you are doing some things wrong yourself? Here we will give you some tricks to reduce fat gain.

Keep in mind that some of the habits you have adopted may be affecting you more than you think. Remember that reaching your ideal weight has nothing to do with super strict and unhealthy diets .

Review the following list and make the relevant changes. In a short time you will begin to notice a decrease in measures by avoiding the excessive accumulation of fat.

  1. Avoid restrictive diets

Everywhere we see, find and listen to diets that promise to make you lose kilos in a few days. Although they can work immediately, they will not help you reduce your fat gain.

In fact, it is possible that after a couple of weeks you are more overweight than before you started. This happens because your body notices when you are not properly nourishing it and takes protective measures.

That is, if you stop eating your body will try to accumulate fat to meet your energy needs. Remember that both carbohydrates and fat provide energy to perform your daily activities.

The best you can do is eat healthy in several small portions throughout the day. This way your body will realize that it is receiving the nutrients it requires frequently and will stop accumulating fat.

  1. Opt for natural foods in their less processed versionsFoods to lose weight during menopause.

Another trick to reduce fat gain is to eat all the foods you can in their most natural versions. Consider that the processed products have been prepared with fats, sweeteners and chemicals that make you accumulate calories . When you do not burn these calories quickly, they become fat that accumulates in your body.

To prevent this from happening, try to consume natural foods. For example, instead of taking commercial juices, consume the whole fruit or prepare your own juice at home.

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  1. Include a nutritious breakfast in your day to reduce fat gain

It has been proven that people who take a daily breakfast are less likely to accumulate weight and more to reduce fat gain. This is related to the first point. When the day begins, your body requires nutrients, fiber and energy to perform your daily activities.

However, if you choose not to eat breakfast or something unhealthy breakfast, your body will begin to accumulate fat. Ideally, this food should include all three macronutrients: healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates.

In this way you will obtain the main micronutrients and your body will be ready for what comes along the day.

  1. Choose your dressings intelligently

Another trick to reduce fat gain is to avoid dressings that add saturated and unhealthy fats. Instead of buying the commercial dressings for your salads, choose to prepare some light and good quality fats at home.

For this you can choose vinaigrettes, use mustard and prepare your own homemade mayonnaises . It may seem a lot of effort at first but in a short time you will be accumulating less fat.

In addition, in these preparations you can add natural fats of good quality that do not make you gain weight. The best thing is that these do keep your heart and arteries healthy. Some of the best oils are avocado, coconut and extra virgin olive.

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  1. Opt for spray oils

Do you usually cook with butter and margarine? Without doubt, these add an especially pleasant flavor to your food. The problem is that they are a great impediment to reduce fat gain.

Our recommendation is that you choose to use the spray oil. This type of oils limit the quantities a lot because with a small amount you can cook enough food.

The alternative is to use vegetable oils but you also run the risk of exceeding them. In any case, if you want to use vegetable oils to vary the flavors, try to measure the amount with a teaspoon and never exceed.

Can you think of another advice to reduce fat gain? Remember that it’s not all about exercising for hours.

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