24 tips for great weight loss

Do you feel that you are no longer moving forward? Perhaps it is time to make changes that have been waiting too long. You need to review your eating habits and your exercise practice? The task is so delicate that many of us do not take more than one day (do you recognize yourself?)! So, how to engage the mechanism?


The key to success is to change things little by little. Reason in terms of small, easy steps, such as not putting whole milk in your breakfast but skimmed milk. So you can make a lot of small changes in your diet and your daily life that, in the long run, will result in significant weight loss.


Take note of the 24 tips below for a healthier diet, a good integration of the exercises to be done in a busy schedule, or the reorganization of your lifestyle. First, select five changes that you are sure you can handle perfectly and practice doing them this week. Choose another five next week (Click on the “print” link above to have a paper version, more convenient to use, of this information).


All solutions proposed are not necessarily usable by everyone. You must therefore try a number and adopt those that suit you well. A lot of small changes can have dramatic results in terms of weight loss. Your life will be transformed, and your health too!


Feeding tips

Good things are presented in small packages. Here is a tip to eat your fill without consuming too large portions: cut into small pieces of high calorific products such as cheese or chocolate. You will feel when eating them that there is more than it seems.


Do not completely remove the sauces. If you love fat sauces, do not just make them disappear from your menus. All you have to do is replace them with lighter products, whether it’s soft cheeses or mayonnaise.


Put yourself in the water. Have the reflex to drink a glass of water instead of nibbling things full of fat. It’s a good thing for your health and for your line. So drink without hesitation! To brighten the six to eight glasses of water you need to drink, add a little lemon or lime juice.


Herbs and spices: the choice of taste. Make a good stock of spices and create a mini herb garden on the edge of your kitchen window. Spices and herbs add incredible flavor to foods without adding a single calorie.


Make a lighter soup. Prepare a good amount of soup and put it in the refrigerator before eating. Once cooled, the grease will rise to the surface and you can easily remove it.


Be attentive to your desires. If you want something sweet, eat sweet, but try to make a balanced choice, by choosing a fruit for example. Same thing for the cravings of crispy things: prefer the popcorn chips because they are very fat. The key is simply to make a wise substitution!


Gradually add fruits and vegetables. If you are not used to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, go ahead gradually. Start by adding to the dishes you usually eat. Put salad leaves or vegetables in your sandwiches, or add some fruit to your cereal.


Want to be able to easily identify high caloric dishes? So remember the following words: au gratin, parmesan, tempura, cream and carbonara, and eat it in moderation.


When you eat, do not do many other things at the same time. If you work, read or watch TV while you eat, you will not realize what you are drinking, you will not enjoy it either. Now eat at the table, chew slowly and pay attention to the taste and texture of what is on your plate. You will enjoy your meals better and you will eat less.


Make discoveries. Expand your culinary repertoire, and you’ll find that healthy foods can ultimately be tastier than you thought. Buy new fruits or vegetables (have you ever eaten plantain, pak choy, carambola or papaya?).


Let each meal have something on your plate, a piece of bread, half a sandwich, the bread of your burger, and ask yourself if, having eaten a little less than expected, you are not even satiated.


Learn to understand the size of your portions. We quickly underestimate the actual amount of food we eat. Today, we must go beyond a simple estimate, we must be sure. Ask how much is a serving, read the label directions, weigh your food. And learn the equivalencies of portions: thus, a portion of pasta must correspond more or less to the size of a tennis ball.


Make wise substitutions. Learn to replace discouraged foods with healthier foods. Establish today a system of substitution that suits you: use skim milk instead of whole milk, try the whole bread instead of white bread.


Tomorrow, take your meal to work. By preparing your own meal you will learn to master the portions you need. That will change you from the lunches to the restaurant and the takeaways that often offer little choice to those who wish to have a healthy diet in everyday life (not to mention the prices charged).


Do not deprive yourself of dessert. You must not deprive yourself of everything permanently. You can enjoy yourself from time to time, especially since now you can eat without being haunted by this eternal feeling of guilt: be careful to apply your portion control technique, and, to make up, try to do a little no more exercise or skip your little afternoon snack.


Ask what you need. Tell your mother-in-law that you do not want to take it back. Ask your other half to stop offering you chocolate. Advocate actively for your favorite salad restaurant when choosing a place to lunch with your co-workers. What you need to do to lose weight, ask: the priority is you, and it’s time to let them know.


Tips for being fit

Improve your technique on the treadmill. When walking on a treadmill, do not stand at the barriers. You can touch them to balance, but you must not rely on them. If you have to do this, it may mean that you need to reduce the speed of the device.


Jacques said … get some exercise. Here’s a good way to get some exercise while playing with your kids: buy a 500g game of alters and play Jack said: you play with the weights, and your kids without. They will love it!


Optimize your walk. If your steps are now too easy, increase the effort by walking in steep places. Just be sure to get on at the beginning of your walk, before you start to tire.


Walk while you shop! Get physical exercise by parking yourself as far as possible from the store to walk a little more. Also try to climb the escalator instead of waiting without moving to get to the top, you will be faster at your destination.


Take 100 extra steps at work. A little extra exercise every day will help you lose weight. Today take the stairs instead of the elevator, or move to the office of a colleague you need to talk to instead of sending him an email or calling on the phone.


Tips for everyday life

Brush your teeth after every meal and after having a snack. This will be a signal to your body, as well as to your mind, that you have finished eating. Washing your teeth will also give you fresh breath that you will be less inclined to spoil by some nibbling. At your workplace, always keep a toothbrush with protection and toothpaste in the drawer of your desk.


Stow in your closet! First, it is a good physical exercise, and secondly it is an important operation to change your state of mind. Get rid of clothes that make you feel bad or in which you feel bad. Abandon anything that is too big, and do not tell yourself that one day it may be your size again. Place the small sizes at the front of your shelves to motivate you. Because soon, those jeans that were really too tight and you have never resolved to undo, you will go perfectly.


Take your measurements. You probably do not want to be reminded of your current measurements, but when you have lost I do not know how many centimeters you will be happy to have noted anyway. It’s a way of measuring your success without having to climb on the scale. And sometimes your bodily measures decrease even though the scale remains stuck on the same scale.

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