10 ways to optimize time in your company

Many times we feel that the time we dedicate to our work is more than we should. The truth is that we can optimize it much better if we propose it so that we have more time for ourselves and for the people around us. If you want to know how to do it, here are these 10 simple ways.

1. Plan the week
Surely many still do not and is something totally necessary for a good development of your work and a better optimization of time. Programming the weeks in an agenda as detailed as possible will make your work much easier.

2. Replaces tasks
Many of the things we have scheduled take time because of the displacement they entail. If you can do it, it is best to try to minimize that time. How? For example, replacing face-to-face conversations in the other side of the city, with conversations via Skype or Google Hangout.

3. Analyze objectively
Examine in the most detailed way possible how is your day to day in the company: what takes you more time, what things you can do without, which not … Do this thorough review for a couple of days will make you Be much more aware of what works as it should and what doesn’t.

4. Use the new technologies
If you’re not too familiar with the new technologies or applications, it’s time to put the batteries on. Many programs already do for you what used to take hours (even days) to finish. Take advantage of this great advantage even if at the beginning you have to spend some time familiarizing yourself. Worth!

5. Obvious irrelevant things
Perhaps you are going to too many papers, talks or presentations that you could delegate or simply ignore from your agenda. If you think that something is not going to contribute anything relevant to your work, why waste your time?

6. The tasks: one at a time
Many times you want to cover so many things to finish as soon as possible that what you get at the end is exactly the opposite effect. Things are always best done one at a time to make sure they are all settled and well done.

7. Avoid personal moments
With this we mean surfing the networks, calling family or friends, etc., during working hours. For that you will always have time when you go out the door of the office, and stop doing so means a great saving of lost hours inside the office.

8. Delegate
Many people have a big problem of lack of time because of the annoying habit of not delegating to people on their team. It is something totally necessary, because you do not work in isolation, and the same thing that you are doing only in 2 days, it can take you 1 day if you share the work with someone.

9. Work on your high points
If the mornings are your strength because you have more concentration and desire, take the rest. Like if your perfect moment is the afternoon or even the night. The key is to work when you are more productive.

10. Streamline email
How? Very easy. Answer in priority order of response, avoid wasting time in emails that do not need response and above all, have a series of texts stored in drafts that can serve you for certain situations. Having these predetermined answers will save you a lot of time.

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